New Evolved Alexander Technique

The new powerful approach of the AT

I am glad that you visit my blog site. I am Paul Aoki, a Japanese Alexander Technique teacher. I teach “advantageous use (posture, movement, breathing, voice)” with the Alexander Technique. This is my sole profession, and I teach 5-6 days a week, mainly in Tokyo, Japan.

Through my teaching practice I have found a hypothesis which covers the background theory of the AT. In other words, I think that I have solved the mystery of the AT.

Through investigating many activities using this hypothesis, I have also found that there are missing points in the ordinary AT practice for our advantageous use.

I have described the new theory and skills here in this blog site. I hope that I can meet with you someday and have you experience this poweful approach.

What is the Alexander Technique? (My unique interpretation)

The AT is about effective use of our body. The core part of AT is about “how to support own body” (postural control) while doing something. It specially offers an efficient way of supporting own body. Since the way of supporting the body affects every activities we do and many functions we have, our health condition and performance will change for the better by this technique. Most people support own body with their own way, but their own way tends to fall into disadvantageous one with excess tension. Their health condition and performance will then be deteriorated by their own way. So, many varieties of people will be better off by applying this technique.

In order to change our use, especially including postural control with disadvantageous habits, we need to be conscious. The AT also offers effective way of awareness, attention, and intention. That is how to be conscious of being, movement, and performance.

Short movie for introduction

This is different from ordinary AT explanation, but this is more convincing way. If we start with the idea “how to support own body” when explaining this work, people may understand it easier and be less confused. It’s not just easier explanation but also realistic and reasonable. This understanding gives the power to change our use to the better.

You may think like “my work and the AT is different, so we don’t have to have another explanation for the work.” Maybe so, but I believe that the ideal condition is the same, and my interpretation offers easier and quicker way to get there.

So, the mechanism of the AT is mostly about our postural control. Postural control is fundamental of human being’s life (we cannot do anything without it), so the AT becomes a fundamental technique.

What are the advantageous ways of using the body?

There are disadvantageous ways and advantageous ways in our use.

An Advantageous Way of Using Our Body


What are the effective ways of intention?

When we want to change our use (avoid habits), we need to be conscious of them. There are the effective ways of intention for avoiding excess muscle contraction.

Effective way of intention for our advantageous use (Part 2)


Effective way of intention for our advantageous use (Part 1)


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