“Non-doing” direction is for higher bone mass?

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This article is interesting, although we don’t yet know whether it is applicable to human-being. Higher bone mass may affect better mind state. Anyway, we already know higher bone mass is better for our health, and the key for it is how well we use the bones. I have a thought on this.

Doing exercise is one good thing for higher bone mass or keeping it. Using the bones effectively is another good thing. The AT can help it through the latter way. Standing (or sitting) with particular angle range of the bones in the axial body with adequate locating of the center of gravity (of our body) is one good thing. It gives more compressive force to the bones. Compressive force becomes stimuli for higher bone mass. I call this state “Bone-stand state”. There is a way we can get this state consciously. (Direction “the head forward and up” is one of it, and there are some more) However, it’s not fully enough. We had better try to give the full weight of the body on the bones so that we can minimize muscle contraction (co-contraction) for supporting the skeleton. We had better have this intention to give the full weight on the bones. If we don’t have this intention, we may not give the full pressure force onto the bones especially in the lower body by keeping excess muscle contraction. Hence, we may not use the bones fully effectively.

The direction “non-doing” is for this state to be accomplished. By giving the direction “non-doing” we try to give the full weight on the bones in the axial body. So, the direction is helpful. But, I would rather give the original intention “give the full weight to the bottom (the feet or the bottom) instead of giving the direction “non-doing”. The direction “non-doing” may be confusing expression. We somehow intend to manage a state called “non-doing”(i.e. we do something for getting “non-doing” state), but we call it “non-doing”. It doesn’t well represent the reality of what we do. So, I think it is for surer to accomplish the ideal state that we give the original intention “give the full weight to the bottom”. I think this alternative direction is worth playing around.

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