Should we worry about my clicking joints?

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In Alexander technique teachers’ FB group, a teacher introduce an article about clicking joints.

This is my answer to it.

I think that clicking joints only provide a temporary sense of relief and do not contribute to structural or functional improvements. The drawback I personally associate with clicking joint is that it tends to draw attention to the joints. There seems to be a change in muscle response, for example, between the intention of “moving the head” and the intention of “moving the neck,” with the latter potentially causing increased muscle contraction. (This is actually from my original hypothesis.)

Clicking the neck can lead to a heightened focus on the neck, making it easier for the sensation of “moving the neck” to become ingrained and potentially hindering efforts to release stiffening the neck.

I used to click the joints in my neck when it felt stiff, and it did provide a temporary sense of relief. However, the discomfort in my neck stiffness continued afterward. After hearing that clicking the joints might not be a good practice, I stopped doing it. Around that time, I began learning the Alexander Technique, so I’m not sure what specifically was effective, but I no longer experience the neck stiffness I used to feel. Occasionally, I still sense it, but I refrain from cracking the joints. And, there is no problem.

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