How we can move like children

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During our childhood, we learn many ways of using our body through non-declarative way of learning. As a result, when we become adults and try to correct unfavorable patterns of movement that we’ve learned, it becomes challenging because we often don’t understand “what we were doing” in the first place.

Even though it is non-declarative way of learning, children adapt to the environment on the earth (gravity, friction, inertia, reaction forces) by making effective use of their underdeveloped motor control (ex. weak muscles). This inadvertently results in achieving efficient and advantageous states. In essence, they were “doing something effective” without conscious awareness.

Certainly, merely observing the posture and movement of children wouldn’t necessarily lead to our (adults’) practice of better use. It is one way to re-learn with the idea “If we stop doing unnecessary things, and the right things will happen” as often seen in the AT. However, this approach might take time to master better use since it doesn’t address the questions of “what were we doing” and “what are effective.”

We, adults, can employ intelligence and modern knowledge, especially from the perspective of kinesiology, to comprehend “what we were doing” and “what are effective.” We can also intend to implement such changes. I believe this is the most efficient way to re-learn better use, and this is my approach.

(This is from my comment to a post on a Facebook Group, Alexander Technique Forum)

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