Chosen movement may not be the best one

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There are many movement solutions in one activity. People choose one movement out of many movement solutions to complete the activitiy. The context of the activity still affords multiple movement patterns, and this mean the chosen movement pattern is not always the most advantageous movement (i.e., minimum muscular effort, no wasted movement).

This comes from our tendency of instant response to complete the action. Famous “end gaining” response. As long as the movement pattern meets certain result, we don’t look back and evaluate its process.

Some people may store advantageous movement pattern while they just attend to the activity (freely out in the world, engaged in things). However, some don’t. For those who don’t keeping attending to the activity won’t help much because they have been doing so. They need to pay attention to their own body movement and intend advantageous one. They need to practice this in many times, and they integrate the new movement pattern with attending to the activity.

Our brain is not perfect organism. We respond with instant solution, which may not be reasonable or economical. At the same time we also can get reasonable solution by thinking with using our cerebral cortex. It has to be in conscious. This will be simpler and more reasonable solution rather than just trusting attending to the activity and let them happen automatically.

If instant response is one of our natual way, we should not trust our natural reponse and had better doubt our response (behavior). Let our conscious act come into play.

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