Fixing “forward head posture” NICE & EASY way (w/movie)

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Here is the movie.



I will show you how we fix forward head posture nice and easy way. I made a YouTube movie for it, and that’s above.

Forward head posture is not good. It is not good looking but also leads soar neck or neck pain if you keep this potision for long time.

Some people realize that they are doing this and try to fix it. But, the way they do may be forceful one like: Pull the head backward like this.

Some people may think like the back of the head should go backward until it hits the wall when standing with attaching a wall. They may do this as exercise and try to do it in daily posture making.

Well, in most cases it ends up too much, and they still hold their neck tight. The posture could be better, but soar neck or pain may not go away.

It should be nice and easy way. I show you one.


Step by step


You move your head upward, not pull it backward. In this case, you should feel that you push the floor through the feet. This is for making sure that your head is going TRUE upward against the feet.


Rotate the head forward a bit until the face facing forward. In other word, making the chin down a bit.

This is because when the head is forward, we usually rotate the head backward to face forward. So, if you don’t change this relationship in the heads’ up process, your face facing upward a bit.


Rest the head there through breathing out easily like sigh and make some small turns right and left so that the head is not too much held with excess muscle tension in the neck.

If you feel the weight of the head at the front side of the neck, that’s a good sign that you rest the head in advantageous position.

This is nice and easy way, and you can avoid the soar neck and pain with this way.

How much should I rotate the head forward?

I give one more tip

In rotating forward process, some people wonder how much they make forward rotation or the chin down.

Some people make the chin tuck too much. It’s difficult for us to get favorable state where is somewhat intermediate position. You don’t want to puzzle all day long about your face angle.

There is a way.

Find a object or a point which is the same level of your eyes and mark it as a guide. Make the middle point of the eyes face to the guide.
Actually that’s it. Now you are facing TRUE forward.

Just looking forward does not give you guarantee that you are facing forward. You may face still upward even though you are looking forward.

But, if you make your middle of the eyes, which is a point of the skull (bone structure) in the same level of your eyes, face to the guide, your face more likely faces TRUE forward.

For fine tuning like this, we should know this kind of objective evaluation. Once you get it, you have confidence with it and stop puzzling. The key is objective evaluation so that you can reproduce it.

That’s it.

I have more techniques and skills to use our body nice and easy way. I will share these ideas in the Alexander Technique Congress in Chicago, U.S. this summer (July 29th to August 5th, 2018). will have a workshop there, so it would be nice if you could join this workshop and get useful ideas from me.

I did a discussion about my instruction in the movie. Here is the log of it in the following post.

The backstage of “Fixing head forward posture nice and easy way” I just take a log of the discussion in the facebook group called "Alexander Technique Global" about my youtube movie "Fixing head forward posture nice and ea...

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