The more we know, the more we feel ease

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There is a therapy called Focusing. This could be good in psychotherapy, but I think that this won’t help movement problem very much. It may help, but it probably takes more time. The AT lessons will help better.

Most of the senses (especially inner senses) are vague and unclear as the introduction page of Focusing described. What they seem to do is not evaluating or justifying these senses. Instead, listening and receiving them. Then, finding out what they are by themselves with the help of counselors. If they are still a bunch of vague senses, our mind won’t be easy so much. If we can find out some meaning in them, we probably feel more ease in living with them through understanding and accepting. The more we know, the more we feel ease through accepting them.

Our kinaesthesis are also sometimes vague, and we often misappreciate them like FM says. If we let our kinaesthesis be a bunch of vague senses, we won’t control ourselves well and we have more problems. We also won’t feel ease so much. However, I think that we are still able to appreciate them properly through some particular ways. The AT is one good method of these. By having proper appreciation we are able to manage our use in advantageous condition. We could move well and feel more ease with it.

Of course we probably cannot appreciate all the senses properly. But, we are still better off just by getting a part or a bit. This is what I think.

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