[movies] Theory and Method – Advantageous Use of the Body

Why do we tense our body?
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It’s about the theory and method of my original approach.

I have uploaded the video series on YouTube. It’s about my theory and method for our advantageous use of the body.

It is my original method, but it’s modified from the AT. I have been teaching the AT for 10+ years. I kept asking to my self “What is our advantageous use?” and “Why is the AT effective?”, and this is my answer.

So, now I got it, and I have reasonable explanation for them. It’s not mystery anymore, and pupils understand it without question mark. Well, it’s still a hypothesis yet. But, I have been teaching this for 7 years, and it works well.

I think my method and its background theory is more comprehensive, so it explains the AT procedures well. At the same time, we will know there are shortages and less effective instructions in the ordinary AT. Yes, the AT is effective, but my method will be more effective like faster learning, more confidence(less wondering), more applicable to dynamic movement or effortful activities like sports.

They are 7 videos (133 min. total, I know it’s long… , but it’s all free). They includes following things, so I think you find something interesting.

  1. metaphoric examples for understanding our tendency (you can use them in your lessons)
  2. many images using 3D muscular skeleton model (it even moves!)
  3. practical applications for some basic activities

sternocleidmastoid and abdominal muscles

Video Series: Theory and Method

Here is the links. I hope you like them.

01: Why do we tense our body?

02: What is actually happening in our body?

03: Negative influences by excess supporting pattern

04: The new way of intention

05(part1): What should we intend for supporting our body?

05(part2): What should we intend for supporting our body?

06(Last one): 5 basic controls for our advantageous use

Why do we tense our body?

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