Free lesson with Paul Aoki @ Chicago Congress 2018

Alexander Technique congress free lesson with Paul Aoki
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Do you want to solve some wonders of the Alexander Technique?

If you come to the AT congress in Chicago 2018, you should see me and ask me your questions or problems. I will give you effective suggestions. Let’s meet up!

I try to be at Exchange room (The Damen Hole, Loyola university) in my free time, but it would be surer for you to contact me. You can contact me by pushing the red button at the very bottom of this post. There is contact form, so please input your information. Or, just send directly email to:

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I really want many people to experience my lesson approach. It’s unique but reasonable and effective. You will like it.

Please find me and talk to me. See you there.

Alexander Technique congress free lesson with Paul Aoki

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