“An Advantageous Way of Using Our Body” (Revised)

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I have revised my paper titled “An advantageous way of using our body”. I describe here not only an advantageous use of our body but also the reason why Alexander Technique is effective for our performance and health. I also described that there are some points to improve in instructions of existing AT. You can see it or download it through the webpage below:
or a post in this blog labeled “Grand theory”

My lesson approach is based on this hypothesis and slightly different from ordinary AT instructions. It has been effective.  It is similar to “Activity model” originally come from Marjorie Barstow. Activity model is effective, but I think that it can become more effective one. This approach will be a candidate of the more effective one.

The hypothesis and my lesson approach is not only experiential but also rational in terms of kinesiology and cognitive science. We can explain “primary control” rationally through this hypothesis.

I am going to have a workshop at coming AT congress in Ireland to share my approach based on this hypothesis. (Workshop at 14:00-16:00 on Aug. 11, Tuesday) You can experience its effectiveness and understand it more if you participate in the workshop.

This revised version has been checked through a proofreading service, so I think that it probably becomes easier to read than the last version (put up on the web in July 2014). The terms I used are different from the last one, but the idea is still the same. I have added further explanation for some points.

This blog is for to explain my idea and instructions. I will post more to share my idea.

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