A reliable sensory appreciation

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Our interpretation of the sense may be different from truth. It is because we usually don’t appreciate them properly. We usually tend to appreciate them vaguely without having an objective point of view. So, what you think of doing may not be what you actually do.

However, there is a way that we can appreciate the sense objectively in terms of our weight distribution of the body.

One is to appreciate the tactile sense at the soles of the feet (when in standing position). You are able to get approximate information whether you are leaning backward or forward or right on the feet through feeling more weight in the front area of the feet or the back area, or the whole area without much deviation. Although it is approximate information, it depends on an objective appreciation with a standard (i.e., more on the front or back) and is not faulty so much.

Another is to appreciate the proprioception (the sense of muscle tension). We can appreciate this in some areas of our axial body. An area that I often use for this appreciation is the thigh of our leg. If your upper body (above from the pelvis) is leaning backward, you get a sense that your weight is on the back of the thigh. We get this sense through proprioception of the muscles in the thigh (in this case, the quadriceps are tighten.) As such, you are able to get a sense that your weight is on the front of the thigh, if your upper body is leaning forward. Again, though it is very very simple appreciation, it is an objective one with a standard (front or back) and is not faulty so much. It is reproducible and we can reproduce it at any condition.

By using these objective ways of appreciation we can actually do what we want to do in terms of our weight distribution. We are able to unify our sense (sensory appreciation) with the reality. I apply this way to get a certain condition, and it helps me a lot.  I also apply this way for AT lesson, and it is also useful for pupils.

It is our vaguely sensory appreciation that is unreliable. Our objective sensory appreciation is reliable.

To make the appreciation objective we need a little bit of thinking (constructive conscious control).

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