Using words in the AT lesson

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In regards to using words for the AT lesson while giving experience with hands-on, I use a fair amount of words and try to explain pupils as much as possible. 

Our skillful touch is important in the AT lesson. It is really so. At the same time, I think that it would be better if pupils have a clear goal (and process) to go so that they will have more chances or get closer to be in an ideal condition (what we want them to be or what they want to be) by themselves. So, it is also important for us to give them a clear goal (with process). To give them a clear goal we need words. So, I use words along with hands-on. I guess a certain number of teachers do it as well. My teachers are all with a fair amount of verbal explanation in lesson.

The point I want to make is that what we think will change our movement and our being. In other words, our intension makes difference. If we have the better intention, we have more chances or get closer to be in an ideal condition by ourselves. If we have teacher’s hands besides a clear intention, it would be nicer because it drives to an ideal condition with nice and easy way. Even if we don’t have teacher’s hands, it is always helpful to some extent for us to have a clear intention. This is what I think.

Then, I found that if we have the intention to support our body in effective way, the directions we give will work more effectively, and in turn our movement and being will tend to be better. It is because the directions we usually give are mostly for the activity of supporting the body and within it. This is from my hypothesis, though. (My prior post: “What is the primary control? – A hypothesis of its mechanism” )

Some AT teachers may have the intention to support the body in their process, but the priority of it may sometimes be lower than the ordinary directions we give, or there may be vagueness in the intention. It still works well, but it will work much better if the intention to support our body in effective way is clear and with high priority. 

I make a big point of having intention (especially for supporting the body) as I described above, so I use words for it. It is helpful, and it have worked well so far. 

By the way, some AT teachers may think that having such intention is “end-gaining”, but I don’t think so. As long as there is good process (means whereby) saved there, it won’t be “end-gaining”. Again, I think that we always had better have an end (a goal to go).

I know this comment with a lot of words. Somehow, I needed this much. Anyway, I also give hands on enough in lessons the same as other teachers.

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