Is our reflex system perfect? Again.

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Reflex is an action which we cannot consciously stop. There are many reflexes in our body, but we have not yet found any reflexes or functions that the particular relationship of the head and neck can lead other reflexes or govern other reflexes so that we become in good balance or we move well with less muscular tension (or with good coordination).

Regarding postural control, we are using not just reflex but also voluntary movement. Voluntary movement could be both habitual one and consciously planned one. We often treat habitual movement the same as reflex, since it often happens involuntarily or spontaneously. But, habitual response is not reflex. It is a voluntary movement, and we can consciously make it happen and stop in definition. We need both reflex and voluntary movement in postural control. 

It means that we can’t even stand up on floor by just using our reflex. Voluntary movement are always involoved. It implies that to just stop interfering with our reflex is not enough and won’t be solution. We need to do something. We need to change our habitual way of supporting the body, and correct it to advantageous one. We can do it because voluntary movement is involved in our postural control. But that is only if we know what the advantageous one is. 

FM has found some skills to to be in an advantageous state. I am trying to describe what the advantageous one is and how to be so that we can refine the skills.

I guess that “non-doing” could be a direction which the person tries to stop interfering with our reflex system and utilize them fully. However, “non-doing” is just a direction and it doesn’t express the real condition. There are reasons to give the direction “non-doing”, but in reality the condition led by it suits the expression like “minimum doing” or “adequately doing”. We sometimes tend to mix up the skills with reality. But we had better check reality (science in this case). I want to refine this kind of skills. 

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