How far forward our head needs to go?

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I think that by thinking of our head with the direction “the head forward and up” could be an ignition (subtle energy) to function our motor cortex in the brain. It is because we usually do not conscious of our head and the motion of the head. So, our motor cortex usually ignores the motion of the head (and the support of the head). The direction will wake it up.

I think that there is always problem that we do too much like chin-tucking by the direction “the head forward”. My way of intention (or direction) is not exception. However, probability or likelihood to make it happen will be different by the directions. 

I think that we are more likely to be in an ideal state if we have both a clearer goal and adequate feedback. 

A direction is clearer if the direction include “where in space”. The directions just showing direction(ex. up, forward) will be vague, and it is hard for us to specify an ideal state only with them. Clearer goal can be a image. A image with objective description will be nicer. It is because we can have a point of reference to know “where in space” from it.

We really need to have feedback. It is very difficult for us to be in ideal state without feedback. Feedback will be a mirror (a monitor) or a teacher (teacher’s hands-on). However, we can’t use these feedback always. So, we still have difficulty to be in an ideal state by ourselves in daily life. We have one more feedback for this solution, and it is our sensory appreciation. Then, a problem arises. The founder, FMA, has banned people from relying on it. He thought that we should not trust our sensory appreciation because it is faulty.

However, I have found some sensory appreciation that we can use and rely on. They are the particular appreciation of our body weight with using tactile sense and proprioception. I mentioned in my blog

Our sensory appreciation is faulty, but we can select something reliable. This idea is something original and, at the same time, controversial idea. I am going to give a demonstration for this in my workshop at the AT congress. Anyway, these sensory appreciation will be handy feedback for us to use by only ourselves all the time.

My way of intention like “place your head at the highest position above the feet, and turn your head(or forehead) forward moderately. Place the head at where you feel the weight of the head at the front side of the neck.” covers “where in space”, “a point of reference”, and “a feedback”.

So, the person will have more likelihood to be in an ideal state (not pulling the head back nor chin-tucking) by themselves with applying my way of intention along with the ordinary directions. Again, it is not perfect, and people still make over-doing with this. But, it has advantage in intention. This is how I think.

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