Is our reflex system perfect? One more

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It seems to me that some AT teachers trust the nature or natural function of our body. They seem to have a belief that it works perfectly for our life unless we disturb it. 

It is actually marvelous if we know our homeostasis, metabolism, and immune system. They are really helpful for us and moreover they work automatically. At the same time, however, they are not perfect for our life. They sometimes hurt us, too. 

Our skeletal structure, muscle function, reflex, and brain function are in fact also well made. However, I still think that they are not perfect as well as other physiological functions. They are not especially in terms of the activity of supporting the body. We human being support our body with just two feet. It is structurally unstable. No other mammals can do like us. So, if we entrust our natural function heavily, it could bring us some problems in our body use. 

Now thankfully, we can make voluntary movement in using our body, not like physiological functions. We can use the human brain, the cerebral cortex, for our body use. So, we can make up the imperfection by our intelligence. The Alexander Technique is a predominant method for this. That is how I think. 

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