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What is the AT?

Many teachers and trainees may have difficulty of explaining the Alexander Technique. I think that this difficulty originally comes from the lack of understanding of its mechanism. I had had difficulty to explain this work to other people, but these days I feel easier to explain. Let me show my way of explanation these days….

The reasons for our thinking of the head and support

The reasons for our thinking of the head First, I describe here that the reasons why we had better think of our head while we move. Thinking of the head helps us to place the center of gravity of the body at the adequate position and to render the moment of force of the body…

What is the primary control? – A hypothesis of its mechanism

*PDF of this post for download  There are some views about the primary control, and the representative one is as following: the primary control is a control to attain “the particular relationship of the head-neck-back”, and by attaining this condition we will be able to balance our body well and certain reflexes of the body…