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A test for your arm use (movie)

A test for your arm use

Check your arm use with this test! Not just test, but I am also introducing good exercise for adjusting your arm use to the better one. I am talking about the way of our intention for adjust our use. Our brain is concerned with it. It’s a very important principle. Check this out.

Can you hang your arms? (movie)

Can you hang your arms?

Can you do that? Only 10% of people can do it. If you can’t, your use of the arms is disadvantage. It’s better for you to adjust your use. I am introducing the exercise for our advantageous arm movement. Check this out!

Chair Exercise (w/Movie)

Self exercise of standing up and sitting down Usually in Alexander Technique lesson, we call “chair work”, and a teacher will help a pupil to stand up from sitting position and to sitting down from standing position with hands on. I do it in my lesson, too. But, what I introduce today is not a…