Paul Aoki

Hi, I am a certified AT teacher and a member of Japan Alexander Technique Society (JATS). I give lessons in my own studio called “Miwaza Lesson” in Tokyo. I also give lessons once a month in Nagoya, and Osaka, Japan. I have taught the AT since 2010, and has presented it also at some fitness & bodywork studios and private guitar school periodically. I am a trainer of Lush Japan spa massage practitioner. I held workshop at the prior AT congress at Limerick, Ireland in 2015.

I had learned teaching skill from variety of experienced teachers like Jeremy Chance, Rosa Luisa Rossi, Cathy Madden, Sarah Barker, Lucia Walker, Vivien Mackie, Tommy Thompson. I think I am one of the successful teachers in Japan. I make my living just by teaching the AT with unique approach. My book about the AT with my original idea has been published since 2014, and there have been more than 11,000 copies (the best selling book about the AT in 2015-16). The Chinese translated version (in Traditional Chinese) also has been published in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I also has translated Richard Brennan’s book “The Alexander Technique Workbook” into Japanese (published) and helps Japanese to understand the technique.


Contact Paul

Paul AokiIf you are interested in my lesson approach, please contact me. There is a form in the linked page, and please contact me through it. Just questions are welcome.