Feedback from Bryan McElroy, GP (Family Doctor) & AT teacher trainee

loyola university Alexander technique congress

I attended the latest AT Congress in Chicago. I could share my approach with many people. It is wonderful that I could share it with foreigners. Our work is definitely for human over nationalities and races.

I got a nice feedback from Bryan McElroy, GP (Family Doctor) & Alexander technique teacher trainee -United Kingdom. I met him at the Congress in Chicago, and I did small lesson with him during the congress.

Work with Paul Aoki

Paul’s teaching methods are remarkably simple, clear and effective. I enjoyed how he describes how we can use our support, the support structures of our bodies in a more advantageous way, than we do usually do in our familiar patterns. I found myself connecting with the floor through my feet. This is the foundation for the rest of my body. He illustrated clearly that I am a 3 dimensional expanding and contracting structure, and that if I hold tension, especially in my abdominal muscles, this interferes with my breathing in a very obvious way. I experienced this, in a little walking exercise and found that I was able to release a sense of contraction in my abdominal muscles and my breathe deepened. It felt great. I was also able to sense how if I contracted in the abdomen, this would lead to a downward contraction in my torso and pull my head back and down. This way of working indirectly, through the abdominal muscles to release my neck was new to me.

Paul also observed that I habitually expend excess energy and undermine my support in my habitual walk. He showed me how I was bending my knees on the heel strike and the flat foot phase of my walk. I learned that by having my knees engages a more extended tone during these phases led me to having more contact with the floor, right up through my entire structure and it was also more mechanically advantageous.

All of the above in about 20 minutes.

I think Paul has a profound understanding of how the body works as a whole and a great talent in the field of Alexander technique teaching. It is rare to come across someone who can articulate ideas so clearly that learning is quick and effortless. I think he has the potential to help many, many people with posture, mechanical back pain issues, or anyone who feels that they are holding bodily tension.
I would highly recommend him as a teacher.

Bryan McElroy, GP (Family Doctor) & Alexander technique teacher trainee -United Kingdom

He is the first man I met in the morning of the congress starting day. It’s great that he could articulate my lesson so well. I thank him.

Contact Paul

Paul AokiIf you are interested in my lesson approach, please contact me. There is a form in the linked page, and please contact me through it. Just questions are welcome.

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