What is the Alexander Technique? (Movie)

I explain what the Alexander Technique is in this YouTube movie. Actually, this is based on my unique interpretation of the AT, but it will be more effective to understand in this way. How we should be is like “the pole” in this movie.

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Paul AokiIf you are interested in my lesson approach, please contact me. There is a form in the linked page, and please contact me through it. Just questions are welcome.

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  • This is NOT! the Alexander Technique. It is not a Body-Technique and does not teach to release or built muscles! Come to ATC Kyoto and I could teach you what the Alexander Technique is. P.S. We should never be like a “pole”.

    • Thank you for watching my movie. As I say, this is my unique interpretation of the AT. We can explain the AT and the primary control better in terms of kinesiology and biomechanics. I can share this approach with you. I think you like it.

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